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DueNorth Every Day Traction Aid

RRP : £30.00Save : £15.05Our Special Price : £14.95

DueNorth Every Day Traction Aid, only 14.95 pounds. From Outdoor Action, Blackburn's Premier Outdoor Equipment Retailer

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DueNorth Every Day Traction Aid

The versatile Everyday traction aid is ideal for casual dress or athletic footwear. Ultra light compact easy to put on and take off and economically priced. Great for Everyday winter activities- walking the dog shoveling the driveway walking to work running errands etc. A heel strap with two Ice Diamond T M tungsten carbide spikes gives better grip and durability and heel to toe safety. Lightweight yet durable it can be easily stored in your pocket handbag or briefcase when not in use. The low-profile fit means the product is nearly invisible on your shoe. Webbed sole design allows the Everyday to adapt to the shape of your shoe so it works with almost every style in your shoe rack. Product features, Compact; easy to stow away in a purse briefcase or glove compartment, Keep a pair in the car for emergencies,6 replaceable Ice Diamond tungsten carbide spikes for maximum grip,360-degree spike pattern for more push off and lateral grip, Ice Diamond tungsten carbide spikes provide longer wear and durability, Special rubber compound retains elasticity and fit in all temperatures, Excellent during recurring freeze-thaw cycles

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DueNorth Every Day Traction Aid
DueNorth Every Day Traction Aid
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DueNorth Every Day Traction Aid The ver...
RRP £30.00
Our Special Price £14.95