CADAC – Commercial And Domestic Appliance Company –  is a leading manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of outdoor leisure products designed for the patio, outdoor camping and hiking with unequalled durability, portability and convenience.

CADAC has over 60 years of outdoor products and BBQ heritage. Commencing its operations with the large scale manufacture of gas cylinders in the 1950s, it progressively launched more and more products, like cookers and portable gas BBQs. Nowadays CADAC offers a comprehensive high quality range of products, from gas patio barbecues and portable camping barbecues to the more traditional kettle barbecues, with unique features and a host of useful accessories.

CADAC products stand out for the modular system. Most gas barbecues are suited for multiple cooking surfaces (BBQ grill, pizza stone, teppanyaki plate, etc.). Braaimasters are now expanding their culinary skills and have discovered that there are more food types than just meat!

CADAC’s head office is located in South Africa, where outdoor cooking, or a BBQ is locally referred to as a “braai”. A braai is part and parcel of the South African lifestyle, where good friends and family gather to enjoy food that is cooked in the outdoors; a braai is a festive, social gathering that is at the heart of South African heritage. Cadac’s pay off line “LIVE THE BRAAI LIFE” captures the spirit of this social dynamic. By way of CADAC Europe in the Netherlands and distributors all over the world, CADAC is spreading the ethos of “Live the Braai Life” to the rest of the world...
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Cadac Grill Brush
Our Special Price£4.95
Cadac Carri Chef 2 Legs Bag
Our Special Price£6.95
Cadac 47cm BBQ Cover
Our Special Price£7.95
Cadac Non Stick Skottel Liner
Our Special Price£9.95
Cadac Burger Press
Our Special Price£9.95
Cadac Grillogas 37cm Cover
Our Special Price£10.00
Cadac Quick Release Tail Piece
Our Special Price£10.00
Cadac Safari Chef 2 Lid
Our Special Price£11.95
Cadac Carri Chef 2 Skottel Food Warmers
Our Special Price£15.90
Cadac Raised BBQ Tongs
Our Special Price£14.95
Cadac Magnetic Fork And Spatula Set
Our Special Price£17.95
Cadac Tapas Set
Our Special Price£19.95
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