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Those decades of experience in close cooperation with worldclass athletes have endowed Monnet with unparallelled expertise in the development of high end sport socks. Athletes, sport podiatrists, and textile engineers contribute valuable inputs in the design and development of new models by our Research and Development Department.

Over the years, Monnet has broadened its range to other sports and outdoor activities. A number of its models have gained acceptance and even reverence amongst users, such as the Monnet Seven-league, which hikers have been treasuring for over 30 years.

Our developments draw on our understanding of athletes’ needs and our mastery and experience in the sewing and blending of all kinds of yarns, ranging from natural wool and silk to the most innovative high tech fibers, such as bioceramic polyester.
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Monnet Kids Easy Ride Ski Socks
Our Special Price£7.95
Monnet Kids Snow Park Ski Socks
Our Special Price£9.95
Monnet Access Ski Socks
Our Special Price£14.95
Monnet Gel Protech 2 x Shin Protectors
Our Special Price£16.50
Monnet Backside Ski Sock
Our Special Price£18.95
Monnet Wooly Silk Ski Sock
Our Special Price£23.95
Monnet Gel Protech Ski Socks - Socks Only
Our Special Price£24.95
Monnet Gel Protech Ankle Protector
Our Special Price£26.95
Monnet Gel Protech Ski Socks
Our Special Price£39.95
Total results : 1 - 9 of 9 | Display
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