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Here at Ultimate Performance we understand the search for that moment and the efforts required to achieve it. We understand the sacrifices and we also understand the journey. And that journey of every athlete, runner, walker or cyclist is where our story begins.It is where our products are dreamed, designed, dreamed again and then developed.

Whether its a new PB, a first 5K, the winning goal or the perfect slam dunk, everyone will have their personal story on how they got there.

It also then means innovation in all our products is driven by function and performance, rather than corporate figures and mumbo jumbo. It is why the origins of UP are routed in you the athlete, the elite runner, the triathlete, the fell runner and the weekend warrior. It is why our product development is focused on, in and around the fells, trails, mountains and general great outdoors.

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ultimate PErformance Instant Cold Pack
Our Special Price£2.20
Ultimate Performance 2 Ltr Bladder
Our Special Price£3.50
Ultimate Performance 3 Ltr Bladder
Our Special Price£4.50
Ultimate Performance Wrist Runner UP6719
Our Special Price£4.95
Ultimate Performance Reflective Shoe Pocket
Our Special Price£4.95
Ultimate Performance Clip On LED Strobe Light
Our Special Price£4.95
Ultimate Performance Toe Protectors
Our Special Price£6.75
Ultimate Performance Ankle Band UP6720
Our Special Price£6.95
Ultimate Performance Reflective Vest
Our Special Price£7.95
Ultimate Performance Ultimate Wrist Support
Our Special Price£7.95
Ultimate Performance Kinesiology Tape
Our Special Price£7.95
Total results : 1 - 12 of 35 | Display
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