Tent Pegs And Hammers

An essential part of the tent set up, most tents will come with a basic set of pegs that will get the tent set up. The pegs supplied may not be of any use if the ground you are camping on is not ideal, for example if the ground is very loose or sandy a peg with a larger surface area would be needed the two most common large surface pegs would be the V peg or plastic pegs, on hard ground a thicker steel peg is more suited so a rock peg or tarzan peg would fit the bill. If you are uncertain of what the ground will be like before you go away for the small cost of additional pegs, this is a must have addition and could save a frustrating start to a camping holiday.

It is important to have a good hammer when you pitch your tent, have a look at the variety we can offer.
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Vango Steel Groundsheet Peg single
Our Special Price£0.12
Vango 18cm Alloy Pegs Single
Our Special Price£0.30
Vango 16cm Alloy Channel Peg Single
Our Special Price£0.35
Vango Alloy Pin Pegs 19cm x 7mm Singles
Our Special Price£0.35
Vango Steel V Peg Long Single
Our Special Price£0.35
Strider Groundhog Peg 25cm
Our Special Price£0.50
Vango Plastic Peg 30cm single
Our Special Price£0.60
Strider Peg Extractor
Our Special Price£1.00
Outwell Groundsheet Peg Plastic
Our Special Price£1.30
Vango Peg Extractor
Our Special Price£1.50
Outwell Peg Extractor
Our Special Price£1.70
Vango Plastic Pegs 20cm (Pack of 4)
Our Special Price£1.75
Total results : 1 - 12 of 70 | Display
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