Tent Poles

 Tent poles for the repair of broken or weakened poles, most tent manufacturer's use the same diameter poles but the pole diameters alter depending on the size of tent and how much the pole will need to flex and bend to fit the individual model of tent. Most poles will not fit your tent without some trimming of the pole to the required length so a little forward planning would be preferable to make the replacement easier to do on site.(An emergency short term quick fix can be done on fibreglass poles via the use of electrical tape bound tightly around the poles).
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Vango Fibreglass Pole 8.5mm Section (1)
Our Special Price£2.60
Vango Fibreglass Pole 9.5mm Section (1)
Our Special Price£2.90
Vango Fibreglass Pole 11mm Section (1)
Our Special Price£3.15
Vango Fibreglass Pole 12.7mm Section (1)
Our Special Price£3.30
Vango Proshield Pole Section 12.7mm
Our Special Price£3.50
Easy Camp Shock Cord Repair Set 15mtr BLACK
Our Special Price£3.95
Vango Proshield Pole Section 14.1mm
Our Special Price£3.95
Gelert Shock Cord Kit PLS030
Our Special Price£3.95
Vango Fibreglass Pole Set - 7.9mm
Our Special Price£5.00
Vango Alloy Pole Section 8.5mm x 55cm
Our Special Price£5.00
Vango Fibreglass Pole Set 8.5mm
Our Special Price£5.95
Total results : 1 - 12 of 34 | Display
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