Fleece, softshell, & windproof Jackets

Softshell Jackets are becoming more and more use full with the advance in fabric technology. So what the purpose of this style jacket? Softshell jackets are an alternative to a windproof fleece. They are generally windproof and very highly water resistant [no tapes seams]. So they are perfect for those cold winter days where the sun is shining. They are also regarded as a great Jacket for climbers as they provide great wind protection, but no bulk.

They pack away nicely in a rucksack and can be worn in a very light quick shower. They are not a replacement for a waterproof jacket but a perfect alternative for the cold dry days.

Windproof fleece jackets can be an invaluable add on to any outdoor enthusiast. They are warmer than a Softshell jacket as they use the fleece fabric as the thermal warm layer, with a membrane in-between to add the windproof factor to the fleece. So they are perfect for cold winter days on the fells.

Our  range of heavyweight fleeces for men are designed to give you the option of our warmest Fleece styles, Using a higher fleece per sq inch these create a great insulated jackets

The mid weight section is designed to give you the option of if you require a good mid layer fleece jacket to keep you warm, or a nice micro fleece pull over. If you are looking at a more thermal warmer kind of fleece then a full zip jacket with a higher fleece spec will be better. If you are more active in the outdoors and require a mid layer a micro fleece provides much better freedom of movement for the more active walker, Skier and snowboarder.

For a better quality fleece that will last and look allot better over time, look at the big brands like The North Face and Mountain Equipment, They tend to use Polartec Fabric and will generally not pile over time through wear and tear, although a more entry level may do so if it is being used in high abrasion sports or wearing rucksacks, But these are still perfect as a warm thermal layer.

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Trekmates Windstopper Softshell Neck Gaiter
Our Special Price£15.95
Sprayway Heritage Fleece Jacket
Our Special Price£39.95
The North Face Quartz Fleece Jacket T0A15P
Our Special Price£56.00
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