Waterproof Jackets

There are many types of waterproof jackets and fabrics to confuse you, here we will try and help in describing the difference and the benefits of them. First you will need to decide what level of waterproof jacket you will need, Are you using it just as a town jacket, or are you on top of the highest peaks in the worst of the weather.

Most Brands will have their own waterproof fabric, for example The North face has Hy-vent, Berghaus have AQ [Aquafoil] and Sprayway have HydroDry. All of these Jackets are fully waterproof, Taped Seams, Windproof and breathable. In the short term and general wear will have no noticeable difference to a higher priced Gore-tex Jackets.

Gore-Tex Jackets will more beneficial because they use a Laminate technique to create the waterproof fabric; this is regarded as a more durable and better waterproof performance over a longer period of time and on a windy day with driving rain. The durability of the jackets will be higher as well.

There are 2 terms used on all waterproof jackets that we will make you aware of. 2 Layers and 3 Layers. A 2 Layer waterproof Jacket will have a mesh drop lining inside the jacket. This creates better breathability when walking, and also a better moisture control system. A 3 Layer Waterproof Jacket is when the mesh is bonded to the outer layer, creating a much more durable fabric and generally provides a better jacket for Backpacking, Mountaineering and Climbing

Have a look at some waterproof jackets that are classed as 3in1, they have a fleece incorporated within the jacket that can be removed and worn seperate.

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Sprayway Santiago Waterproof Jacket
Our Special Price£49.95
Craghoppers Kiwi Waterproof Jacket (CMW671)
Our Special Price£49.95
Craghopper Cesar waterproof Jacket
Our Special Price£59.95
Mountain Equipment Tracer Waterproof Jacket (000515)
Our Special Price£100.00
Berghaus Voltage gore-Tex Active Jacket
Our Special Price£129.95
Berghaus Cornice II Waterproof Jacket
Our Special Price£135.95
Berghaus Miage Waterproof Jacket
Our Special Price£180.00
Berghaus Vapour Storm Shell Jacket - Red/Grey
Our Special Price£185.00
Mountain Equipment Kamchatka Waterproof Jacket
Our Special Price£219.95
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