Softshell Jackets are becoming more and more use full with the advance in fabric technology. So what the purpose of this style jacket? Softshell jackets are an alternative to a windproof fleece. They are generally windproof and very highly water resistant [no tapes seams]. So they are perfect for those cold winter days where the sun is shining. They are also regarded as a great Jacket for climbers as they provide great wind protection, but no bulk.

They pack away nicely in a rucksack and can be worn in a very light quick shower. They are not a replacement for a waterproof jacket but a perfect alternative for the cold dry days.
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Regatta Womens Tuva Softshell Jacket RWL042
Our Special Price£25.00
Mountain Equipment Cabrera Zip Tee
Our Special Price£29.95
Craghopper Womens Nuka Softshell Jacket
Our Special Price£39.95
Mountain Equipment Womens Brenva Softshell Jacket
Our Special Price£40.00
Mountain Equipment Womens Spartan softshell Jacket
Our Special Price£49.95
Craghopper Womens Innoko Softshell Jacket
Our Special Price£54.95
The North Face Womens Cipher Jacket AUJT-FN4
Our Special Price£75.00
Berghaus Pordoi Softshell Wms Jacket - Purple
Our Special Price£79.95
The North Face Womens Cipher Hybrid Jacket
Our Special Price£80.00
Mountain Equipment Womens Flux Softshell Jacket
Our Special Price£82.50
Mountain Equipment Womens Trojan Hooded Softshell Jacket
Our Special Price£90.00
Mountain Equipment Womens Pulsar Softshell Jacket
Our Special Price£115.00
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