Trangia Windshield Lower 27 - 642704

Trangia Windshield Lower 27
Trangia Windshield Lower 27
Trangia Windshield Lower 27
Windshields for use with trangia stoves
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Trangia Windshield Lower 27

The storm-proof stove system is the two-part windshield. The ventilation holes in the lower windshield are directed into the wind to increase the oxygen supply to the burner. When the wind becomes too strong the stove is turned to maintain the required flame. The stove stands stable with the pan on the supports recessed into the upper windshield. The air holes in the lower windshield should face into the wind. The optimum heating effect and the minimum fuel consumption will be obtained if the stove is used in a sheltered position. Size 27 Shown

  • Lower ultralight aluminium windshield for Trangia 27 Stove
  • Ultralight Aluminium is a lightweight material that conducts heat well. Our Ultralight aluminium stove systems spread heat quickly and evenly. This means that food does not, for example, burn and stick to the centre of the frying pan. In addition, the hard surface means that the systems are very resistant to scratching and wear. Ultralight aluminium is 50 % stronger than ordinary aluminium. Consequently, less material is required to manufacture the stove systems. As a result, they are lighter.
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