Gelert Pocket Handwarmer
Gelert Pocket Handwarmer
Gelert Pocket Handwarmer
Gelert Pocket Handwarmer
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Gelert Pocket Handwarmer

A quick and easy method of keeping warm in all outdoor activities. Burns safely and slowly for ultimate heat retention
Ideal for use at spectator events in cold weather
Includes one fuel stick
Secure case for safe usage
1. Press the catch on the front of the warmer to open it (fig 1).
2. Remove the foil wrapping of the fuel stick and light one end with a match or cigarette lighter. Then blow gently on it and allow to burn ½”.
3. Holding it at its unlit end, place the lighted fuel stick in the warmer case and close the lid -ensuring that the spring clip has fully closed the two parts of the warmer.
4. To intensify the heat output, the fuel rod may be lit at both ends but this will nearly halve the burning time.
5. Stretch the provided elastic band around the warmer for extra security against it opening unintentionally.
6. If the warmer gets too hot take it out of your pocket for a while to allow air temperature to cool it down – but do not open it.
7. When not in use, the lighted fuel stick inside should be taken out and extinguished. If you must open the warmer when hot for this purpose, exercise extreme care and do so only on a level fire proof surface.
1. The fuel rods can become very hot in use
2. For adult use only. Do not give the handwarmer to a child to handle or use
3. To avoid unintentional combustion, do not place the warmer or fuel sticks near to flammable materials
4. Do not use the warmer in bed or sleeping bag
5. Open the warmer only when the outside is cooled (if the outer surface is warm this indicates that the fuel rod may still be lit) and exercise extreme care.
6. Open the warmer only in a horizontal position – to prevent any hot ashes falling out
7. The lighted fuel stick reaches a very high temperature and must not be handled with your fingers