Womens Ski and Snowboard Socks 

Getting the right Womens ski socks can actually make or break a winter holiday so here are a few tips on what to get and things to avoid

First thing to understand is that although you may thing because you’re in he snow the thicker sock the better! This is a massive NO NO. Ski and snowboard boots have enough padding and insulation in them already so the better socks are thin ones.

All Ski and Snowboard technical socks will have dedicated padding on the pressure areas such as the shins, heel and toe box areas, and are generally made of a Merino Wool. You can get cheaper versions in an Acrylic they will perform well however won’t be as warm or as good as wicking away moisture.

If you wanted to add a bit of warmth, we do not recommend a normal liner sock as these will be uncomfortable and cause pressure issues, however a very thin silk liner sock will be the best option, Silk is a great fabric for spreading warmth generated from your own body.

Other socks you can look at are traditional Tube Socks, now although they are generally inexpensive and still made of a good fabric, they are generally not as close fit, and won’t get the specific padded areas, these are generally good for first time skiers or when wearing Rental Boots.

If we have still confused you please don’t hesitate us in contacting for advice.

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1000 Mile Women's Snow Sports Sock
Our Special Price£11.95
1000 Mile Snow Sports Sock
Our Special Price£11.95
Silverpoint Merino Wool Mid Ski Sock
Our Special Price£11.95
1000 Mile Ski Sock Raspberry
Our Special Price£12.95
Monnet Access Ski Socks
Our Special Price£14.95
Whistler Corsicana Ski Sock 2-Pack
Our Special Price£17.95
Salomon S Max Ski Sock
Our Special Price£17.95
Sidas Shin Protect Pads
Our Special Price£17.95
Monnet Backside Ski Sock
Our Special Price£18.95
Monnet Ski Lady Ski Socks
Our Special Price£19.95
Monnet Wooly Silk Ski Sock
Our Special Price£23.95
Monnet Gel Protech Ski Socks - Socks Only
Our Special Price£24.95
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