Inflatable tents have been around for over 50 years and are enjoying a revival with new technologies allowing for more reliability and sturdier designs, leading the revival was Vango with the Airbeam range which is at the moment the widest range available, 2013 saw the arrival of the polycotton Concorde range from Outwell and the Kampa Southwold range using similar systems as the Outwell range with an improvement in a one point inflation system and incorporating the AirFrame which all the AirPoles interconnected.

Inflatable tents make life allot easier when pitching and can normally be done in under 60 seconds. You can even get the kids to hep you.

All inflatable tents are as sturdy if not more than the poled equivalent, as there is much less to go wrong with them, and all come with a manufacturers Warranty.
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Sunncamp Air Volution Valves (x2) SF1318
Our Special Price£7.95
Vango AirBeam DC Digital Pump
Our Special Price£64.95
Outdoor Revolution Jet Stream Twin Electric Pump 2017
Our Special Price£79.95
Outwell Wind Gust Tent Pump 12v 2017
Our Special Price£79.95
Kampa Brean 4 Air Canopy 2017
Our Special Price£90.00
Kampa Hayling 4 Air Pro Canopy 2017
Our Special Price£139.95
Outwell Montana 6AC Awning 2016
Our Special Price£179.95
Kampa Croyde 6 Air Pro Canopy 2017
Our Special Price£180.00
Kampa Hayling 6 Air Pro Canopy 2017
Our Special Price£189.95
Kampa Hayling 6 Classic Air Canopy 2017
Our Special Price£200.00
Vango Airbeam Excel Side Awning Tall 2017
Our Special Price£219.95
Outwell Universal AC Extension 2017
Our Special Price£234.95
Total results : 1 - 12 of 71 | Display
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