There are many benefits from cotton or poly cotton tents over polyester(nylon) tents.
Cotton tents are ideal for camping, the material is longer lasting and can if looked after last several times longer than the equivalent tent made of nylon or polyester this can equate to better value for money. Added benefits are a more balanced environment inside the tent less noise i.e. less rustle, less condensation because the fabric can breath better, the balance of temperature is better a cotton tent will be cooler in hotter weather and warmer in cooler weather compared to a tent made of nylon. Other advantages for cotton is the more it gets wet the more waterproof the fabric becomes due to the natural fibers swelling.
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Storm Canvas Proofer 1 Litre (Brush On)
Our Special Price£4.95
Nordisk Asgard 12.6 Cabin 2017
Our Special Price£144.95
Nordisk Kari 12 Tarp 4m x 3m 2017
Our Special Price£164.95
Nordisk Alfheim 19.6 m2 Cabin 2017
Our Special Price£184.95
Nordisk Asgard 12.6 m2 zip in floor 2017
Our Special Price£189.95
Robens Klondike Inner Tent 2017
Our Special Price£194.95
Nordisk Alphheim 19.6 Zip In Floor 2017
Our Special Price£264.95
Robens Fairbanks Tipi Tent 2017
Our Special Price£399.95
Robens Klondike Tipi Tent 2017
Our Special Price£469.95
Nordisk Asgard 12.6 Tipi Tent 2017
Our Special Price£479.95
Nordisk Alfheim 19.6m2 Tipi Tent 2017
Our Special Price£494.95
Vango Solace TC 400 Tent 2017
Our Special Price£899.95
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