Polycotton/Cotton Tents

Polycotton & Cotton Tents

Polycotton & cotton tents have many advantages over a standard polyester tents. Here at outdoor action we have a range of Large family polycotton tents as well as tipi and bell style.


Polycotton v Polyester

  • Polycotton tents when looked after last a great deal longer than a normal polyester tent, although you cannot put an exact figure many canvas tents are still going strong well over 10 years later. This is because they do not wear under uv degradation as much as polyester tent may do.
  • The fabric in cotton is much better at regulating temperature inside, so for example when you have a hot humid day, the fibers expand allowing the tent to breath and reduce the chances of condensation. However when its cold and wet the fibers swell creating a nice tight seal keeping you warm and dry.

The disadvantages to polycotton is you have to make sure they are fully dry when packing away, so when buying make sure you have the space to do so. Polycotton tents can also be considerably heavier around 20-30%, so again make sure you are capable of handling such a tent as well as transporting them.

We supply major brands of polycotton tents from Outwell, Kampa, Vango and Nordisk. Outdoor action also has a range of Package deals to make sure you get the best price with accessories, You can also look at spreading the cost with one of our finance deals.


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Nordisk Kari 12 Tarp 4m x 3m 2017
Our Special Price£164.95
Robens Klondike Inner Tent 2017
Our Special Price£194.95
Nordisk Asgard 12.6 Tipi Tent 2017
Our Special Price£479.95
Robens Klondike Tent
Our Special Price£479.95
Vango Rosewood Indoor Display Tent 2018
Our Special Price£520.00
Outwell Bear Lake 6E Tent 2018
Our Special Price£899.95
Robens Kiowa Tipi Tent
Our Special Price£919.95
Kampa Hayling 4 Classic Air Pro Tent 2018
Our Special Price£999.95
Kampa Hayling 4 Classic Air Pro Tent Package Deal 2018
Our Special Price£1054.95
Vango Solace 400 TC Airbeam Tent Package Deal 2018
Our Special Price£1099.95
Vango Solace 400 TC Airbeam Tent 2018
Our Special Price£1099.95
Outdoor Revolution Airedale 6 Pro Climate Tent Package
Our Special Price£1100.00
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