Tent Extensions and Awnings

 Tents extensions and awnings are a great addition to create that bigger tent that you desire. They will add that bit more space to the side or front of your tent, and great for that few more days away camping. Useful when light showers occur, or for cooking under. We do recommend that any open ended canopy is taken down during windy weather as they can act as a sail, but they are designed to be put up and taken down quick.

Many people ask us if they can fit a different model awning or canopy to a tent that's for a different model. The answer can never be a definitive yes or no answer, however as a guide if the canopy is within 10cm of both height and width of your tent you stand a chance that it will fit. However no guarantee can be made

Outdoor Action Stock a range of Awnings, Canopies and extensions some to fit specific tents some which are universal. We have worked with the major tent brands for many years including Vango and Outwell

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Robens Tarp Clip Pole
Our Special Price£17.95
Robens Tarp Telescopic Pole 230cm
Our Special Price£17.95
Vango Cruz Awning Inner Bedroom
Our Special Price£49.95
Vango Caravan Awning Bedroom - 1 Size
Our Special Price£50.00
Euro Trail Turner Tarp 400 (400cm x 400cm)
Our Special Price£54.95
Outdoor Revolution Zip On Canopy Airedale 5.0S
Our Special Price£59.95
Euro Trail Turner Tarp 500 (500cm x 500cm)
Our Special Price£69.95
Camp Star Sun Canopy 500XL / 600  / 1200
Our Special Price£79.95
Outwell Flagstaff 4ATC Front Awning 2016
Our Special Price£90.00
Zempire Aero T Shade Polycotton
Our Special Price£99.95
Vango Earth Side Awning - TA006
Our Special Price£139.95
Vango Zipped Sun Canopy - TA108
Our Special Price£149.95
Total results : 1 - 12 of 33 | Display
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