Roof Protectors / Skyliners

Tent Roof protectors have a number of different purposes but mainly to extend the life of your tent as well as improve it.

Ultroviolet rays are one of the biggest killers of tents and which can degrade your tent over its life, this is certainly more prominent when camping in warmer climates such as in southern parts of Europe. Roof protectors aid this by protecting this area from UV rays.

They also very good to use if you have pitch under a tree where tree sap or bird feces may land on your tent, so makes it easier to clean as well.

Most roof protectors are designed for specific tents so make sure you choose the correct one for yours.
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Vango Verona SkyLiner
Our Special Price£29.95
Outwell Nevada MP Roof Protector 2016
Our Special Price£39.95
Outwell Nevada LP Roof Protector 2015/16
Our Special Price£44.00
Vango Capri 600XL Skyshield
Our Special Price£50.00
Outwell Nevada SP Dual Protector
Our Special Price£54.95
Outwell Nevada 5 Dual Protector
Our Special Price£59.95
Outwell Montana 5P Dual Protector
Our Special Price£69.95
Outwell Alabama 7P Dual Protector 2018
Our Special Price£79.95
Outwell Nevada MP Dual Protector 2018
Our Special Price£79.95
Vango Anantara / Tahiti Skyshield
Our Special Price£87.95
Outwell Clarkston 6A Dual Protector 2017
Our Special Price£119.95
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