Tent Carpets

Tent carpets can be regarded as a necessity in the camping world. They improve insulation as well as having that luxury feel when walking around your tent, especially in bare feet.

Are tent carpets worth it? Quite simply Yes, The staff here think so and so do many other campers. That added Luxury can make your tent fell like a home from home

Bonuses of having one

  • Nice and soft underfoot, especially the Outwell 3 layer Carpets
  • Added insulation in the living area of your tent, great for those colder nights
  • Home from Home feel making your camping trip as comfy as possible

To give the best price when buying fro m us, Outdoor action have created a selection of tent package deals which generally include a Tent Carpet.

If you are choosing a Carpet for your tent and there is not one specific to your tent, the best way to size is you want about 5cm less than your overall of the area its trying to fit, although an bit of excess can be folded under. all carpets we stock are sealed around the edges for durability and to stop any fraying, so we do not t suggest cutting to size

Outdoor Action Stock a variety of carpets from all major brands such as Vango, Outwell Carpets, Kampa Carpets and Outdoor Revolution. We also specific on clearance or sale carpets all of which can be found here.


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Zempire Hubble Carpet 215cm x 290cm (Approximate)
Our Special Price£15.00
Easy Camp Wichita Twin Carpet Appr 220x215cm
Our Special Price£25.00
Outwell Penticton 5AC Carpet aprox  180 x 320
Our Special Price£26.95
Outwell Inlayzzz 120x200 Carpet
Our Special Price£29.95
Outwell Birdland 3 Carpet aprox  195 x 220
Our Special Price£29.95
Outwell Nevada 6 Carpet 240cm x 260cm (Approx)
Our Special Price£30.00
Outwell Nevada SP Fleece Carpet 240cm x 260cm
Our Special Price£30.00
Outwell Brampton 500 Carpet aprox  300 x 280
Our Special Price£31.49
Outwell Inlayzzz 140x200 Carpet
Our Special Price£32.95
Outwell Broadview 3 Layer Carpet aprox 180cm x 260cm
Our Special Price£32.95
Outwell Inlayzzz 160x200 Carpet
Our Special Price£34.95
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