Whether you would like a windbreak for camping, Garden or beach Outdoor action will have one suitable for you. Windbreaks come in a variety of sizes and styles.

  • Camping windbreakers will generally come with guy lines to pitch, and be designed to be curved round the area you wish to protect
  • Beach windbreaks are generally taller and pushed into softer ground and guy roped.

All windbreaks should have the desired effect of increasing privacy as well as protecting from the breeze. Some windbreaks have been designed to take a little more wind however we always suggest they are taken down in strong winds so not damage them.

Many of the camping brands such as Outwell and Vango and made their windbreaks in colors to match your tent or camping set up.
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Easy Camp Beach
Our Special Price£16.95
Outdoor Revolution 4 Pole Windbreak Apache
Our Special Price£21.95
Vango 3 Pole Adventure Windbreak - Wild Dove
Our Special Price£32.95
Blue Diamond 5 Pole Windbreak Green
Our Special Price£34.95
Blue Diamond 5 Pole Windbreak Burgundy
Our Special Price£34.95
Kampa Windbreak
Our Special Price£39.95
Easy Camp Windscreen / Windbreak
Pre Order
Pre order Deposit£42.95
Our Special Price£42.95
Blue Diamond 7 Pole Windbreak Navy Stripe
Our Special Price£43.95
Vango Family Windbreak
Our Special Price£44.95
Outwell Windscreen / Windbreak
Pre Order
Pre order Deposit£24.95
Our Special Price£49.95
Outwell Windscreen Premium
Pre Order
Pre order Deposit£59.95
Our Special Price£59.95
Total results : 1 - 12 of 18 | Display
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