2 Man Tent, Mountain, Backpacking, Festival

2 Man tents vary in style, design and price. We have a wide selection of 2 Man tents; let’s see what you can get.

You can start of at our entry level price range of tents designed for the festival enthusiast or garden camp for the children. They are of simple construction but good value for money.

Next have a look at a Touring or DofE designed tent with a better construction, higher specification Flysheet with a higher Hydrostatic Head. These will be Perfect for going on the back of a Bike, or sharing the carrying on an expedition. Generally a price range of up to £130

Now for the ultra-lite or extreme tent user where a high silicone based flysheet with a 5,000HH + is a must for waterproofness and with high quality Easton or Dak Poles provide perfect protection from the elements on the trail, Wilderness Camping or that high Altitude trip. Prices can range to anything you wish to spend

Come and see a selection of tents on display at our Blackburn, Lancashire store.


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Vango Alpha 250 Tent
Our Special Price£45.95
Vango Soul 200 Tent 2016
Our Special Price£49.95
Coleman Coastline 2 Compact Tent
Our Special Price£54.95
Coleman Cortes 2 Tent 2017
Our Special Price£62.95
Vango Ark 200 Tent Black 2016
Our Special Price£64.95
Coleman Tasman 2 Tent
Our Special Price£69.95
Vango Ark 200+ Tent 2016
Our Special Price£89.95
Vango Helix 200 Tent Anthracite 2017
Our Special Price£109.95
Vango Helix 200 Tent Cactus 2017
Our Special Price£109.95
Vango Tempest 200 Tent 2016
Our Special Price£115.00
Vango Banshee 200 Tent 2017
Our Special Price£129.95
Wild Country Hoolie 2 Tent
Our Special Price£139.95
Total results : 1 - 12 of 35 | Display
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