3 Man Tents

3 Man tents are a great in between size where space is great for a longer weekend and generally provide better headroom. However with them not being too big are great for short breaks and possible carrying to and from the campsite.

Many of the 3 person tents have a bonus porch space so when you are sleeping all 3 people in the tent, this provides great storage and cooking area for everything

Many are sold extra porch space to give you ample space and storage for your range of equipment. Vango also make a range or gear storage additions similar to a tarp.

Many brands we hold at outdoor action in this range of tents are  - Vango, Coleman, Wild Country and many more

We are based in Blackburn Lancashire UK where you can come and view some tents, and where possible pitch the model you want to see, [please confirm before visiting]

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Vango Rock 300 Tent
Our Special Price£39.95
Easy Camp Quasar 300 Tent
Our Special Price£44.95
Easy Camp Meteor 300
Our Special Price£49.95
Vango Soul 300 Tent Sun Orange 2019
Our Special Price£49.95
Coleman Coastline 3 Compact Tent
Our Special Price£59.95
Coleman Tasman 3 Tent
Our Special Price£59.95
Vango Alpha 300 Tent
Our Special Price£62.95
Coleman Cortes 3 Tent 2019
Our Special Price£69.95
Outwell Earth 3 Tent 2019
Our Special Price£74.95
Coleman Darwin 3+ Tent 2019
Our Special Price£79.95
Vango Gamma 300 Tent 2019
Our Special Price£89.95
Outwell Cloud 3 Tent 2019
Our Special Price£89.95
Total results : 1 - 12 of 45 | Display
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