4 Man Tents

4 Man tents are on the verge of being classified as a family tent, The come in a variety sizes depending on your needs, You can have nice small tents for short stays, or extra headroom for those longer weekends camping. All bedroom areas have a sewn in groundsheet to keep out drafts, bugs and keep you nice and comfortable

Many of the 4 person tents have extra living areas such as porch space for both equipment and chilling areas and cooking. At outdoor action we also supply some of our tents as package deals which generally include footprint groundsheets, as well as carpets for living areas for extra insulation and comfort.

At this size of tent also begins with the Inflatable air tents, making pitching larger tents even easier.

Many brands we hold at outdoor action in this range of tents include - Vango, Kampa, Outwell, MSR, and Coleman

We are based in Blackburn Lancashire UK where you can come and view some tents, and where possible pitch the model you want to see, [please confirm before visiting]


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Kampa Brighton 4 Tent 2019
Our Special Price£69.95
Coleman Cortes 4 Tent
Our Special Price£74.95
Vango Alpha 400 Tent
Our Special Price£79.95
Coleman Tasman 4 Tent
Our Special Price£89.95
Coleman Darwin 4+ Tent 2020
Our Special Price£106.00
Coleman Kobuk Valley 4 + Tent 2020
Our Special Price£139.00
Wild Country  Hoolie 4 Tent
Our Special Price£189.95
Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent
Our Special Price£199.95
Robens Green Cone Tent 2019
Our Special Price£269.95
Kampa Brean 4 Tent Package 2019
Our Special Price£344.95
Coleman Mackenzie 4 Blackout Tent
Our Special Price£399.95
Robens Trapper Tent With Footprint
Our Special Price£575.00
Total results : 1 - 12 of 14 | Display
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