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To make choosing your tent easier Outdoor Action have divided them up here into categories with different categories of sizes. When deciding how large you want your tent to be, please take into consideration the following -

How many people are sleeping in the tent? & How much personal equipment am i taking with me?

When manufactures create there tent diagrams and show the outline of people sleeping, this is generally the maximum possible you can sleep in there, this is with limited personal kit and on standard single beds. Generally if you are using a double airbed in a 3 person room for example these can take up the space of 2 1/2 people on a diagram so you will loose the space of the 3rd person in the tent bedroom.

If you are looking at lightweight 2 man tents, remember how big of porch you may need if taking large rucksacks with you.

Here are the following categories of tents we have

1 Man Tents, 2 Man Tents, 3 Man Tents, 4 Man Tents, 5 Man Tents, 6 Man Tents, 7+ Man Tents
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Coleman Darwin 2+ Tent
Our Special Price£79.95
Coleman Darwin 3+ Tent
Our Special Price£94.95
Coleman Darwin 4+ Tent
Our Special Price£99.95
Coleman Kobuk Valley 3+ Tent
Our Special Price£114.95
Coleman Kobuk Valley 4 + Tent
Our Special Price£124.95
Coleman Octago Mini Octagon Tent
Our Special Price£136.95
Coleman Batur 2 Blackout Tent
Our Special Price£144.95
Coleman Batur 3 Blackout Tent
Our Special Price£157.95
Coleman Maluti 3 Blackout Tent
Our Special Price£199.95
Coleman Laramie 3 Blackout Tent
Our Special Price£199.95
Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent
Our Special Price£209.95
Coleman Castle Pines 4 Tent Package
Pre Order
Pre order Deposit£100.00
Our Special Price£439.00
Total results : 1 - 12 of 16 | Display
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